God created man after His own image and likeness and gave them complete authority...

What does that look like? Being as Jesus! For Jesus is the exact image of the invisible God... the image we were created after....(Gen 1:26-27 vs John 14-17, 2 Cor 3:18, Col 3:10, 2 Pet 1:3-4)

So we are meant to walk in the same divine / supernatural power and love as Jesus! 

You may say: "That's impossible!". Great! Read on and discover how God made it possible for all.

After being created according to Gods image and likeness, mankind unfortunatelly fell.

That is what we experience in ourselves and all around us. A world / life without God. What predicament!

Through this fall, the image and likeness of God in man got lost. That causes all confusion, greed, selfishness, strange philosophies, manipulation, chaos, death, afflictions, weaknesses, despair, disasters, terrorism, wars etc. Man became alienated and hostile to God.

God is not at all threatened by that. He loves his creation so much that he laid down his glory to manifest himself in Jesus, so man could finally see and understand God.

He only loves, heals everybody, raises the dead, casts out fallen spirits, controls nature, got beaten beyond description, died on a cross to pay off mankinds debt for the fall. The perfect sacrifice. To make it possible for Gods spirit to indwell man and for man to be changed into the image and likeness of God again. For free, because of love. Amazing! Rom 8:29, Ef 4:23-24, 2 Cor 3:18, Col 3:10, etc.

So we are not made for the fall of man, living in chaos, for ourselfs, in despair, depressed, suffering, etc. But to live like Jesus and for the people around us. Full of confidence, love, power, the divine life we see in Jesus.

That is what He came to establish in each and every one of us.

How? By Jesus dying on a cross so we could be transferred into His kingdom / receiving His holy spirit / his divine nature. Holy spirit redeems us from the fall of man. He makes us whole again, makes us like Jesus, our original created value. That is the love and truth of God. God has come full circle!

So we have every reason to rejoice always. God came, paid the price, took us in and shares His kingdom / His spirit / His glory / His divine life with us.

That is a supernatural/divine proces. A growing into Him in all things. Since He is love, allwise and allpowerfull we can rely on Him that he is perfectly capable to make us like Him. God dying on a cross, raising from the dead, seating in heaven, pouring out His Spirit, letting us co-seat in Him high above all principalities and powers means He is passionate in love with us and very sure about this. He made a irrevocable move towards us.

The Gospel. The amazing love of God. A restoration of a man/woman back to the beginning where God said: "let us (father, son, holy ghost) make man in our image and likeness and let them have authority....": to walk like Jesus for He is the exact image of the invisible God. The image we were created after and being restored to.

Therefore everything we see in Jesus is our new life. That's why Jesus says: "you and Me are 1", "he who meets you meets Me", "the Father loves you, whatever you ask Him it shall be done", "i will go, send Holy Spirit, the same as Me,  He will be IN you, guide you into truth and give you power to work the same miracles I do and even bigger than these", "the glory / divine nature I have in the Father I give to you", "it pleases the Father to give you the kingdom / his divine holy spirit / divine life", etc, etc.

Since these things are true, let go of the past and cling to Him. The author and giver of divine life.

We can read how the lives of His first 84 friends became as His. They did exactly the same! Since God / the Gospel did not change, it is for you as well. Jesus did say after being raised from the dead: "All power has been given unto me, now you go therefore; heal the sick, raise the dead, cast out fallen spirits and tell everybody what i explained to you..."


Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to you, He will change your perspective and will give you this new divine life. That is why Christ came. So we jump for joy and thank Him abundantly for leading us into the divine life of the ages. A new creation in Christ. We are partakers of His divine nature for free.


Since we grew in these things we experienced thousands of beautifull healings, from fever to broken bones to cancers etc, etc. The Gospel is true and we grow in to Him (this new, freely given divine life) in all things. It is accomplished!


Do you want in on this original created God-value of mankind? Ask Jesus to come with His Holy Spirit to guide you in to the full truth. Let go of mere fallen human reasoning and let Him transform you to the way it was before the fall: become as Jesus. You are not made for yourself, struggling with the fall and its effects, but for the image, likeness and glory of God and for the people around you. The rest will be added to you. And... very important.... don't let anything move you away from the Gospel that has the power to transform you to your original created value. Continue in The Faith: Christ in you, glory for yourself but especially for the people around you to see there is a very good God who brings truth, power, salvation, healing, restoration, completeness, peace, a transformed life. For free, by His blood and spirit.


A shortcut or big leap in faith can be made when we start realising that we, by Jesus perfect sacrifice, have been made right with God and already are co-cruisified (so dead to sin, the fall and its effects), co-raised (justified, so saints) and co-seated in Him (enabled to walk like Him) Ef 2:5-6. We are already completed, perfected, made holy, blameless and above reproach, transferred in to His Kingdom, a partaker of His divine nature for free. Joh 14:20, Ef 2:4-5, Col 1:13, Col 1:22, Col 2:8-10, 2 Pet 1:3-4. As Paul explains: we are already IN the last Adam (Christ) for free (see Rom 5:17-19, 1 Cor 15:44-49) to walk in this newness of Zoë = divine Life as it was intended to be. That gives perfect peace. You are in, locked up in His righteousness and His Spirit will change you in to His image 2 Cor 3:18, Col 3:10, etc.


So, from that fact (the accomplished work of Christ, your co-seatedness, your oneness in Christ), you see you are made to walk in love, no matter what others say, understand, or don't understand, you start walking as Christ, walking in love. Note, you cannot make yourself like God. He can, by His Holy Spirit. Holy Spirit will take out every crooked, twisted, fallen mindset the fall tutored us in, every spiritual, mentally, bodily distortion and transform you to the best you. The fruits and supernatural of Holy Ghost in you will manifest. He will produce after His own kind, so you will be looking more and more like Jesus. Walking in divine power and love. The grace of God is amazing.

And if you slip? You run to God, not from Him like Adam did, for change! If you are getting to see things for what they are, it is Holy Spirit convincing you. He made your heart pure. So never feeeel condemned again. Run to Jesus, say : "Wow Lord, that wasn't Christlike. Thanks for forgiving me and changing me, making me sharper". In stead of: "Wow, can't believe i did that, i am such a mess" and walk around condemned for 8 years.


God knows why He made man. He sees our potential, our original created value, as He intended before the fall. Because of pure passion He came down to restore in man what was lost through the fall: the image and likeness of God/Jesus. If you let Him, He will reset you to the default settings. It is a process, but you will be the best you.

Or according to romans 5:18

For, if by the trespass of the one (Adam), death reigned through the one (Adam), much more surely will those who receive the abundance of grace and the free gift of righteousness reign in [divine] life through the One, Jesus Christ.

How do we receive? We say: THANK YOU JESUS and welcome Him in our lives to be transformed into His image and likeness. 2 Cor 3:18.

So above all, stay in the "yay-co-seated-mode" in spite of any contradiction. 

For more crossreferences you can look up the bibleverses you see in the dutch part of this site. Do check out the vids under "Extra". They are in english and will help you greatly.


You may stir another up in the faith so feel free to share. Freely He has given us, so freely share...



Translationerrors in our bibles.

One of the reasons people misrepresent God / are confused about God are the horrible translation errors in our bibles made by clerks of "a certain denomination".

They had no clue about God's intend, so made it fit their conviction.

Luckely the original line is clearly visible.

1: God created us after His own image and likeness. Gen 1:27.

2: Man fell. That is what you see in this world: lust, greed, selfishness, strange philosophies, sicknesses, corruption, terrorism, death, etc, etc. Genesis 3.

3: God, the spirit of life, manifests fully in Christ, pays the debt for mankinds fall so we can be indwelled again by His Spirit and be transformed back to origin. John 14-17.

Pure grace, love, power of God for His creation.

Hence the divine healing miracles and casting out of demons His first friends, i and many others experience up to this day!

Some examples of these idiotic translation errors:


Saved, from the Greek "Sozo" actually means: made complete, brought back to origin.


Eternal life from the Greek "Zoë" means: life of God, divine life. God stooped down in Christ to restore humanity back to His image and likeness. Christlikeness. The Gospel has never been about dodging hell and getting on a bus some day to heaven. It has always been about transformation of life.


"You will see Jesus coming on the clouds" actually reads: "You will perceive Jesus from a heavenly perspective"... who He is, what He did, who you are IN Him. 

So now we have millions of ignorant Christians waiting for a bus to get them to heaven in stead of understanding that heaven came inside of them to transform them in to their original created value again. Read Gen 1:27 vs 2 Cor 3:18.


"Everyone not found in the book of life will be thrown in the lake of fire" actually reads: "Everything not found in the book of life....". Jesus is the book of life, the word made flesh, the exact image of the invisible God. Through Him every lie we believed about God and ourselves will vanish into thin air. 2 cor 3:18, col 3:10. Etc. Holy Spirit brings forth after His own kind.


Wrath from the Greek "Orge" means PASSION. So there is no wrath of God upon mankind as was translated in Joh 3:36! "For God so loved the world...". God IS love!

Wrath from the Greek "Thumos" also means PASSION. There goes the "bowls of wrath" poured out by God over humanity... it's "bowls of boisterous PASSION through Christ" that are poured outt!!!

So now translators made a loving God (in Him is light no darkness, He cannot be tempted to do evil, God is love, it pleases the Father to give you the kingdom, the Father himself loves you, etc, etc) suddenly become a vengefull God, from wich we have to be saved....? Utter nonsense.

Through Jesus, God saves us from the fall of man and restores us back to His divine nature. The divine nature Adam let go of in the fall. Jesus beaten to pulp on a cross? Gods extreme passion to restore what got lost in the Garden: His divine power and love image in human form


The words of Jesus: "If you deny me, I deny you before the Father"... actually reads: "If you contradict Me, you contradict the Father...". That is what rhe farisees did. Contradicting Jesus untill they saw blue in the face. Jesus can't deny you because He is love.


Repent, from the Greek Metanoia means "change the way you think completely". That would be: "Wow, God loves me and restores me from the fall into His Image. Thank you Jesus, have your way in me with your Holy Spirit. You are amazing!!"


Kpicic. Translated in to last judgement, actually reads: "to put straight, a positive judgement. After all the Father judges no-one and the Son took upon Himself all judgement. For... God is love.


Parousia. Translated as "second comming", means GODS IMMEDIATE PRESENCE.


Hell from the Greek "Hades" means literally: not to see, blindfoldmode. But... not anymore. The lights have come on. God loves His creation, reveals our true identity in Christ and restores us to it. That's the Gospel.


Etc, etc, etc, look it up in the Kittel Theological Dictionary or in any Greek/Hebrew Strong's app. It's there.


So now we have ignorant preachers parotting the lie that we have to be saved from God's wrath by Jesus (who is God....) and "have to repent or go to hell and wait for the bus that gets us to heaven". As said, utter nonsense.

In stead it is: God restores us through Christ by His own atoning blood sacrifice and indwelling Holy Spirit, from mankind's fall, to His own image and likeness (Christlikeness) because of... passion. John 14-17, 2 Cor 3:18, Col 3:10,

For God so loved the world....

It pleases the Father to give you His Kingdom/Spirit/divine nature...

In this the love of God manifested: WHILE we were lost... Christ died. Now reconciliated by His blood we shall be restored to origin (saved) now He lives / by His passion.... love. (Correct translated).

In Christ God reconciliated even the cosmos to Himself... love.

Christ preached the Gospel (good news) even in the realm of death... love

As in the first Adam ALL died, so also ALL were made Zoë-alife in Christ to walk in it.... love

God cannot be tempted to do evil.... love

There is no turning or shifting with Him....

If you don't love you don't know God, for God is love....

the Father judges no-one and when I am lifted up, i'll draw ALL judgement unto Me.... love

The goal of all instruction is... love

The Father Himself loves you....

Jesus healing all..... love

Jesus raising the dead..... love

Jesus casting out demons.... love

Jesus controlling nature..... love

If wrath would be in God, it would be the tenth fruit of the Spirit.... and it is not!

So... we're made for God's image and likeness Gen 1:27. Man and woman He made them. That got lost in mankinds fall. Hence all confusion, sicknesses, allien doctrines, egoism, etc, etc. Gen 3. Now God stooped down in Christ to, by His perfect sacrifice and Holy Spirit, transform us back to.... Gen 1:27. John 14-17.
God already came full circle. Yay!

For us to embrace His love, truth, Spirit and be changed back to original created value (Christlikeness), by His Spirit. 

God is a magnificent Father who, through His manifestation in Christ, saves us from the fall of man and restores us back to His divine nature. The divine nature Adam let go of in the fall has returned in fullness. Jesus beaten to pulp on a cross? Gods extreme passion to restore what got lost in the Garden: His divine power and love image in human form.

What a God!



For instance: Strong's g3709

- Lexical: ὀργή

- Transliteration: orgé

- Definition: anger, wrath, PASSION; punishment, vengeance.

- Origin: From oregomai; properly, DESIRE (as a reaching forth or excitement of the mind),

Orge can be used to give expression to an extreme emotion. It can either be wrath or passion. Depending on the context. Consider Jesus came to restore humanity back to His divine nature for free because of...... love. Pure passion.

In the unfortunately very biased Kittel dictionary there are 68 pages on orge as being "wrath". But..... but also1 line saying: "Orge can also mean: passion, desire, lusting for".

For God so loves the world.....: you.